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Game Diaries: Life Is Strange 2 P1

( Contains major spoilers from Life Is Strange and Life Is Strange 2)

I was there when Arcadia bay fell. It was a stormy night in Dhaka city, I was scared about load shedding since I was almost at the end. I was almost at the end of letting Arcadia bay get destroyed. Would have been frustrating to leave in the middle of the giant tornado. Yes, of course I chose the less popular option. I chose to save one life and watch a whole town get blown into pieces, you might think. I don’t blame you. It sure feels like it, but that wasn’t my intention.

I couldn’t live with the fact that i would simply UNDO everything that I did with my powers. I am not one who likes to play it safe. If my power has consequences, let them happen. But I wouldn’t stop myself from using them. And also, I can’t ruin a good story.

Life Is Strange is close to my heart. I don’t know if I have waited with so much chill on my spine for the sequel of any game.

I will try to leave a diary everyday I play Life Is Strange 2. It will contain my thoughts as I make the choices and move around the beautiful scenes and magical music arrangements.

At first glance you might think the story will end up Lyla being your girlfriend. They way she tries to help you impress Jane seemed like it is bound to go wrong at some point. Also, you guys are too close not to end up in nowhere. You know these stories. Girl is best friends with boy, but boy likes another girl. Girl helps boy get to another girl, but boy soon realizes another girl is fluke, and girl is the real deal.

I am writing this as I am playing the first episode: Roads for the 3rd time. So, this time I was messing around at times. For example, initially, everyone would accept that cigarette from Lyla (assuming everyone wants to be the cool teenager). I did the first couple of times. But I refused her this time. It mattered little, at least there was no immediate effect. I don’t know what that will cause in the future.

But when she asks you if you would be friends forever, most of you would say yes. I did, the first couple of times, but in the 3rd time, I tried to see if anything else happens. After all, I know for a fact now, that they won’t be able to remain friends forever..

I know what’s going to happen. So i give the choco crisp to daniel. There’s no point giving it to a man who is going to be dead in a few minutes.

LIS has this beautiful way of showing things out in a manner where you’d feel so safe, normal and peaceful. You see your work uniform, the pictures on the wall, fancy goodies and interact with all of them. You have very little idea that all these things, will vaporize within sometime.

It also helps you feel so real, thanks to the little gestures based on human nature. Daniel opens the door after closing it once to have a last peek at you, just like a normal human would do.

Honesty is the best policy. So, if you don’t want to have 20$ less from dad, speak the truth. During my first play, I took the path of honesty as well. I lied in my second try and spoke the truth in the 3rd round.

But whatever you do, you can’t stop the horrible incident. Truth be told, I was a bit disappointed to see such an unstable behavior from a policeman. The buildup to the scene was okay.Your younger brother Daniel spoiled the tshirt of your neighbor and you’re fighting over it. Killing him by accident- also okay. It’s a fantasy game after all. But the policeman shooting your dad can feel way too much stretched.

Games focusing on stories have been heavily criticized due to their heavy dependency on cut-scenes. I think Life Is Strange 2 can be guilty of that as well. But the upcoming storm keeps me excited. Can’t wait to hit the roads as a couple of refugees.

August 20, 2019
Life IS Strange 2
Episode 1: Roads
Playtime: 50 minutes

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