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Game Diaries: Life Is Strange 2 P2

( Contains major spoilers from Life Is Strange 2)

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You have been walking on roads for last 2 days. You find yourself struggling to confront the (probably) super power induced kid brother, who apparently had no idea what disaster happened back there and was crying over about why their father couldn’t join them on their road trip and many other things. For a gamer who is into the story so much and in love with the series due to the intensity it possesses, Daniel may seem a bit irritating. So, all of a sudden you find yourself in the shoes of Jose, for real. This part is really interesting, because you feel like the character totally and that has been accomplished in a very subtle manner! I found it quite intriguing as I tried to handle the kid gently, despite the frustration and trouble I had inside, just like Jose.

You find an abandoned car and in it, a choc-o-crisp. As we are most likely starving, I took it and gave it to Daniel. Well, I guess, most people would do the same. I did wonder what might have happened if we didn’t take it. You can’t help but wonder about your choice about giving the choc-o-crisp to Daniel earlier at home. It should have had its impacts here, no?

You explore the forest together, sit in the forest and let yourself get lost in the soothing silence as you use the option to sit, relax and observe the fascinating artwork here.

Finding proper berries and eating them is another part where you wonder whether successfully eating them would contribute to tame your kid brother’s hunger (yours as well I guess?). You try to gather sticks for fire. Should you do it or let him do it? If you let him roam around, he might get lost, you might think. But you let him go anyway and end up competing with him on collecting 3 branches faster.

Once in a while you sit and draw the scene in front of you. LIS 1 had the option to take pictures at times. This one is even better as you can sketch, both primarily and in detail as well. The control is smooth as well and I loved the experience.

You can teach Daniel to skip stones. As he fails again and again, you keep faith in him. Most people would give up after the third failed attempt. If you don’t, rewards await you!

You can imagine dragons while lying on the stone which will work as a roof for you tonight. The cloud did take the shape of a dragon there. If you love clouds, just like me, you’d be entertained.

After this point I received a shock. In my third attempt, I didn’t take chips from home, rather I took cookies. But a packet of chips was there in my backpack now. Just within a minute I found out Daniel taking revenge on you for not giving the verdict in favor of him in front of your dad as he devours the newly found choc-o-crisp.

That means.. judging mattered! And also, my previous game wasn’t saved. I reconfirmed it by checking my moneybag. It was only 20$, not 40$.

Sad, I called it a night. But inside, I was happy that they had these subtle connection working. It felt proper now.

I guess most people would choose the dialogue “We are the wolves”. I wasn’t any different. Who doesn’t want to be a stark?

I took Daniel to a nearby gas station. I cleaned myself up. What could be the consequences of cleaning myself up? When I chose to wash myself in the washroom beside the station, the game indicated that it will have some impact in the future. More mysteries and questions. Life, really, is strange.

Do you play the grab ball game? And for how long? Don’t know. I always lose $4 here and then leave.

Would you want to take the puppy in the shop (which was ready for adoption anyway, to proper people of course)? I don’t know. I chose to take it, but the shopkeeper lady won’t let me.

I have only $16. It’s a very small amount of money. So I have to steal goods from the shop.

Ocean’s 2 is about to start.

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