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How I have fought EndGame in Bangladesh

(This is the story of a man who tried to watch Avengers Endgame without receiving a spoiler. We all know that the world saw a big crisis of ticket when it first got released. You have to read till the end to know the ending- if I got the tickets or not. I am a big hater of spoilers, so. )

Everyone was busy thinking what massacre would happen in episode 3 of Game of Thrones after they set the stage for this in episode 2. It was like a soothing massage before they beat you like hell. Alas. Avengers end game would happen even before that. So I am not sure which one would hurt more in a few hours. Thanos and Night king are going to make a lot of people cry in this weekend. Fight it, dread for it, destiny will still arrive as winter came.

My friends living abroad were uploading their peaceful pictures of watching End Game premiers. Didn’t matter if they were in King’s Landing (Malaysia or any hot country), or Winterfell (Canda, etc). Meanwhile, in Bangladesh (I suppose we don’t exactly match any of the seven kingdoms), we slowly prepared ourselves for a late launch, followed by thousands of black ticket sellers, ideal boyfriends, playboys, fanboys and movie lovers probably standing in line since dawn.

The crisis was from both ends. We knew it’s going to happen. But we couldn’t prevent it.

We have only 3 theatres in Dhaka. They declared the opening of advance ticket sales after 10 am on 25th. The first show was on the 26th. People started forming lines from 2 am ( yes, AM) on the 25th. I was supposed to hunt for tickets online since 12 am, with one of my fat friends. He was responsible for getting the tickets for the first show. But since he was lazier than me, we both tried to buy online. All the servers were down due to massive hits. I woke up early in the morning to find out that I have lost the battle. My fat friend tried longer than me like captain America in infinity war, but he lost as well. My homepage said some have made it through app payments. So I decided to waste my morning on this. I kept trying as long as I can as I struggled to load webpages of cineplex (The most popular theatre in Dhaka) and blockbuster ((The second most popular theatre in Dhaka). I had a meeting in Dhanmondi and then went to the new theatre in Dhanmondi 2. I have seen and heard of stories (even in the meeting) about people forming a line from zigatola to city college for a ticket (about a few kilometers, maybe?). So I was scared as Mantis while I was approaching battle.

An official stopped me before the lift of the building.

“On which day do you want to watch the movie, Sir?”
“Sorry, Sir. Friday Saturday sold out. If you want from Sunday, you may go upstairs but you have to stand in line for 3–4 hours minimum.”
“Whatever it takes, man.”

Wow, they are asking people before they enter the building now? It is that bad?

As I went upstairs, I came to know the meaning of the word “impossible”. It was like a mass movement. The snap really made sense there. It was hopeless to stand there. I retreated back to the office, my home ground to regroup. I asked my colleagues if they have got any luck. No luck there. I kept my calm and used my privilege of being friends with owners of a few mainstream apps. I followed every single one of them and kept trying. But the damn servers won’t come back online. So, no apps were working as well. I tried 3 apps, and 3 sites in total.

Around 6 pm, the blockbuster site came back online. But the ticketing page wasn’t working even. I kept reloading. Once it worked only to make me depressed because it showed that even Monday is houseful. I learned from the fb page that they weren’t responding to calls. But I tried my last shot. The first one didn’t go through. Second, no answer. The third one got picked. They suggested I should come physically as online was doomed. But I have to reach within 8 pm, else if I wait till morning, all will be lost.

I looked at the watch. 7.10 pm. It was a crazy Thursday evening.
I took a deep breath and repeated after Bran, “Things I do for love.”

I reached the venue at 8.05. Ran to the top floor. Stood in line for 30 minutes and bagged the narrow victory.

Please don’t believe in every rumor. They told me on the phone that by morning even Monday will be sold out. Apparently it didn’t happen. Even I got a better deal.

Please don’t buy from the black market. Don’t encourage these pieces of shits who made this huge trauma and freak show so that they can beg for some extra bucks by playing with your deep emotion.

Please don’t spoil the end game. We fanboys have deep emotions connected with it. We love the story. We love the characters. We love you too, so don’t harm that. Keep the big reputation that you have.

If you want something, fight for it, whatever it takes.

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