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Should You Play Kaiser Or Not?

This post is mainly for you if you are into games and wondering whether you should play Tanim Noor’s recent release on Hoichoi. Well, it’s not a game, but you can still ‘play’ it by pressing a button since it’s a TV series (I know, a very bad one. Probably worse than Dustin Henderson’s Bat-Tle joke, yeah. I’m here to help you in a spoiler free manner). 

The trailer was outstanding, so it kind of forced me to renew the subscription of Hoichoi after what, years maybe? To my absolute disappointment, the subscription caught a glitch even after the payment was done and dusted. Furious, I sent messages to their Facebook pages and support mails. The support mail reply eventually came, and the issue was resolved. But by then Kaiser has lost the place of being the Eid night binge. I was feeling tired and settled with a BCS episode instead. 

I don’t fare well with unfinished episodes in life. So I chose to attack Kaiser the next morning. The morning started pretty late though. The sun was up and it felt good to watch the first scene on a rainy night. Very early in the episode, I discovered the title song for the series.  It was Nightdriver by Eida. What a beautiful, beautiful choice! The intro clip was top-notch as well. Brought back lots of memories as a gamer, and a member of the millennial generation. 

It was a fast paced season filled with climax in the epilogue of many episodes. So yeah, expect the unexpected. A few things felt a bit shallow, but the director himself probably confessed about those in one of the encounters of breaking the fourth wall. Personally, I am a big fan of this style. The season had its moments of breaking the fourth wall and those were played out very well. Super work on that, watch out for these! 

The case, tension, villain casting were on point. The series built up on the tension gradually. It kept me on the edge. The background scores felt relevant and smoothly mixed up. To me, all the actors but the kid did a fantastic job overall. The character development of the main character was good, but it couldn’t follow up on one or two perks, as in blood phobia, which I expected to be a key angle. 

The threat could have been portrayed a bit more menacing. In the first couple of episodes, the threat felt real. The gravity of the threat couldn’t keep up the pace eventually. That could have upped the stakes, but I think the creator was trying to cover the villain’s track a bit too hard, (which well, was not unsuccessful) and hence didn’t want to involve more frequent dangers. 

Now in terms of games, sadly, I’ll have to say that I was not 100% satisfied in terms of my expectations from the trailer, intro, and initial buildup. Yes, the season gives tributes to a few nostalgia as a gamer, and you will be seeing flares of game related stuff here and there. But they felt more like toppings. Also, the name of the episodes- they didn;t fully live up to their potential. A few episodes like story mode, NPC, walkthrough was on point and felt relevant. Others, well, not so much. But was it bad? Absolutely not! The season was very well crafted overall, and you can have a good relaxed experience with touches of intensity here and there. The insertion of game elements here and there worked like bonus coins to boost your attributes temporarily. But they are not boons you carry throughout the whole season, which frankly, I was expecting. Personally, I feel that we should appreciate the creators who are trying to build something different or at least bring some interesting elements into typical stories. For that reason, and a few nostalgia goosebumps, you should play Kaiser! 

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