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The day I slept in a coffin

In a fantasy world, you expect dreams to come into reality. Now, what really are dreams? Somethings that you always wanted, or maybe imagined? Well, maybe. But maybe it also has another trait that you didn’t see coming. What’s that?
That’s exactly what I just talked about!
Didn’t get it? Maybe I’m becoming like Dustin (Reference: Stranger Things).
You can’t control your dreams. They appear in a weird way- showcasing exotic visualisation, compelling storyline in a nonsensical order with contents you probably couldn’t see coming. Yes, sometimes they show you stuffs related to your desires (in the mirror of the Harry Potter world), or your fears (like a Boggart?). But it’s almost random, and you can’t put these occurring in a pattern. So when you sleep at night (if you’re an Insomniac, then anytime other than night), you can’t predict the episode you’re going to encounter.

FromSoftware’s blockbuster hit Elden Ring gives an experience that is nothing short of that. Well technically you can argue that this particular genre thrives on the element of surprise (among other things) but I’m not only talking about jump scares and finding yourself at a very wrong place at a super wrong time. I’m talking about all the encounters, mechanics, and gameworld elements (focusing mostly on the last one here). The lands between is insanely beautiful. From the general meadowland in Limgrave to blessed eternal cities and snowy mountaintops of the giants- everywhere you go, you would stop for some time and focus on the environment around. If you’re a collector like me, then you could easily spend a few hours in the screenshot/photo mod, collecting snaps of your adventure where the journey matters more than the destination.

One of the key elements that make the Lands Between fun to explore is the option to travel across plains and places. It has secret portals that take you to places you would’ve struggled to reach before you progress upto a certain level in the game. This comes in handy for a lot of players. But there’s this fact of awesomeness here as well. These portal locations and destinations would not be something you could make sense of. So when you go through one for the first time, there’s healthy chance to discover yourself in an entirely different place with color pallets you have not encountered in the game so far! But yeah, some portals might just disappoint you as well, since they turn out to be pretty useless when you discover them, the reason being you have already cleared out the destination in some other ways.

Luckily, that’s not the best part of the traversal systems in Elden Ring. To be honest, it doesn’t come close to the real good ones. We could talk about the whirlwinds you can use to jump insane heights with your horse, Torrent (funny name, eh?), or maybe the design of lifts that can be used to reach insane depths or heights (PS. Before jumping on them, do check out if the lift has already arrived, or you might fall to death!). The lefts are super significant not only you use them every once in a while, but also it lets you access many key areas in the game. Sometimes, the most beautiful ones too!

Whether you’re a magic fanboy who grew up learning magic at Hogwarts or in the lands of Narnia or not, you should definitely not turn Ranni the Witch away! Yes, she gives away super useful items to you herself, and sometimes it happens as a byproduct of doing her bidding. But the most important reason for pursuing her quest would be for the fact that it leads you to the Eternal Cities! They contain a few of the best items in the game, and easily the most beautiful sections in the huge world of Elden Ring. I think the artists wanted to portray whatever version of heaven they had in their minds while designing these eternal cities. Well, one night I was rummaging my way through Nokron, one of the eternal cities. I was approaching a seemingly dead end, but I kept going because it seemed like the foot of a waterfall. I had to go there! While I was hovering aimlessly in the foot imagining how Tarnished was feeling under this beautiful dangerous piece of beauty, I came across something. That something was a coffin. By then I have seen my fair share of coffins in the lands between and fought off so many ghosts with holy weapons. So I was half expecting something like that to happen. But instead, to my utter surprise, it showed me an option to sleep in the coffin.

Well if that’s not creepy, I don’t know what is! I chose to have the experience, and so, I hopped in! As soon as I entered and closed the lid off, something even stranger happened. Something, some kind of weird ray beamed my coffin through the waterful, upwards! It broke through the huge downpour and to my utter surprise, reached a new area! It was called Deeproot Depths, something unlike I have ever seen in this game so far. There were lots of climbing trees, but they seemed alright. I was still processing my ascension into Deeproot Depths when I discovered another coffin! This one was atop a waterfall. It made the choice obvious. As soon as I gleefully inserted my body in the coffin, it closed itself down and started falling across the water in the waterfall. This was another sight to behold! This time, we were going down, from the top of the waterfall to the bottom of it. At the bottom, gracel river Ainsel greeted us. I couldn’t say which one felt better, the journey upwards like a supernatural phenomenon, or the journey downwards like the suicide of a corpse.

Just when I started writing this piece thinking I’ve covered all the coffins in the game, I came across one of the most annoying regions of the game. It was the infamous Lake of Rot. As soon as I managed to almost finish this annoyingly challenging area, I was rewarded with one last sleep in the coffin. Did it start falling down beside a waterfall of blood? Yes, and that was the most spectacular thing that has happened to me in quite some time! I slept through the rivers of blood (oops, rot, but haha!) as it dropped me to an even more beautiful place. The experience was poetic.

Traversing through the lands between is truly an amazing gig, as soon as you get a grip on the game. So yeah, sleep tight in your coffin when you find them, and enjoy the amazing ride!

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