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The death of a story

Exactly 7 years ago, on this day, I took an overdose of sleeping pills. I thought I have seen my grim ( in Harry Potter, you only see a grim once and that is exactly before you die) and there was no point to continue anymore. It was a late winter night when I took them all together while crying. I chose the easiest and most less painful way to exit, like a coward.

After remaining unconscious for one and a half-day, my freaked-out parents called my friends who found the empty medicine packet beside my bed and took me for a stomach cleansing. They washed my vomits as long pipes were used to purify my stomach. I don’t remember any of it. Just a few blur images which I can’t recall. I only remember falling asleep and waking up in my bed.

I was wrong. I hadn’t seen my grim just yet.

After that, I went on to have a heavenly life at IUT, won business case competitions back in 2013 when they weren’t like a ‘thing’, co-founded a team which almost topped among Asian Teams in European Rover Challenge, Poland. (Yes, we built a Rover that can roam around the planet Mars and won International competitions with it.) I saw my team win a tiebreaker while I was watching it, watched Argentina reach the finals of a FIFA world cup. Founded a game and AR/VR/MR dev company in Bangladesh. Battery Low will step into the 7th year in 2021, a company which grew almost double each year with a bunch of superheroes with inspiring stories who dedicate their superpowers for a higher cause. I climbed hills and walked among clouds, drenched myself in the sea in every other weekends, made the first AR game in Bangladesh, watched Mahmudullah score back to back centuries in World Cup 2015 with Shamim Chowdhury and Athar ali khan, drew with Girona against my rival in fifa who played with RM, made games that have been played by thousands and inspired more, fell in love and got heartbroken again, cried like a baby to a song for whole nights, won back love and lost it again, tasted out stuffs, became senseless, helped and made people happy, met wonderful human beings, role models and made them my mentors, had my instagram crush date me, surprised people on their birthdays, boycotted convocation showing unanimous movement to stop the admission malpractice in IUT and later on was showered with love from all around the world, made my first loan, learned a musical instrument, appeared on TV multiple times, renewed my passport, found out senior brothers can be family, held beautiful vatijas on lap, made precious friendships, saw the avengers vanish and reappear, witnessed the story of freddie mercury and cried, again. I represented our Bangladeshi flag as Battery Low in Istanbul, enjoyed the Arabian nights in multiple countries, met a 400-year-old tree in the middle of a desert, sang Aniket Prantor with my business partner in the streets of Goa at 3.30 am while a random Russian couple danced with it, packed Messi TOTS card in FUT, watched my brothers converting long love stories into marriage, broke the bumper of the car while on test drive just before buying it, bathed into the sea under a full moon like a werewolf, roamed around the city of love, watched the pink sunrise in Chhera Deep and Istanbul within 7 days in between, had President Erdoğan endorse me in Person for our efforts as Battery Low Interactive, had my American role model mentor me for over a year already.

I can go like this all day. Today I am trying to keep up with the army of superheroes Battery Low has as they keep serving top entities in the country on an everyday basis while writing my first book under a New York-based publisher (coming out early next year) and designing a game based on suicidal stories while being blessed with the unconditional love from many fascinating humans. The list goes on and on.

See, I thought I had seen my grim 7 years back, and I was wrong. Because when you see your grim, you die. Soon.

Every one of us has our own quota of stories. You can’t go out of the game until you complete your part. I won’t give you those inspirational and ethical emotional mumbo jumbo. I am telling you to complete your storyline.

Because at the end of the day, we all have to contribute our part to the storyline. You shouldn’t cheat your way out until your circle is complete.

If I weren’t alive, I wouldn’t have these stories to tell you. Without them, my part would have been incomplete.

If you feel like quitting, I trust that you have your reasons. I don’t doubt them. I have been there myself, I know how excruciating the pain can be. But my only question is, are you absolutely sure about the timing? Are you 100% certain that you are done and you’ve seen the grim? If you are not, then don’t do it. You have your part in the story. If you cheat on that, nature won’t take it well.

Whoever you are, you can always reach me if you are depressed. We can talk about our stories. You and I aren’t much different and I am not afraid to admit that. Just… don’t make a sudden end to an interesting story. It’s more pathetic than everything for me as a story lover. A story shouldn’t die before it’s completed.

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