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svgfahmesvgJune 13, 2022svgFiction

The man who killed the world

I survived.

Probably because I was too tiny to be noticed. Or maybe just by chance. All of the World’s people- gone. Vanished. Within a moment like a snap. I could see the dark shadow of the man who did it. He was looking at something, with his broad back facing my wayward face. I approached, without fear.
There was nothing to be afraid of. No animals, insects, humans. None. The man standing before me have just killed them all. He spared me. Only me. I had nothing to fear because nobody or nothing was left to scare me.
Well, except him.
But he didn’t scare me.
He felt like a necessity.
The only company I can have.

Companionship is like a necessity for all animals. We were created this way. Such a brutal way to give life. We have been cursed with the need of companionship and based on who likes whose company, we used to slit each others’ throat.

I moved closer. He turned.
I was face to face with the man who killed the world.

My only question wasn’t about why he did it.
I asked him, “Why did you spare me?”

– You’re an anomaly. Nobody and nothing in this world crave your company. Hence you’re as good as dead.

The last man who died on planet earth died a self-inflicted death. It wasn’t me. I survived for the next thousand years. The fool who killed himself in the mirror room had some weird motives. I don’t know. Never got to ask him that. But question is, how did I survive a thousand years after that?

Weird. The last memory I have is when I was face to face with him.

The man who killed the world.

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