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American board game designed by elementary school kids sponsored and co-created by us!

🇺🇲 American board game designed by elementary school kids sponsored and co-created by 🇧🇩 Bangladeshi company. Intrigued enough? Wait till you hear the epic story of how it happened!

I was invited to adjudicate a game pitch competition called “Dolphin Tank” (Based on Shark Tank, but you since they are kids, they prefer Dolphins). The final 3 teams have been at their game design for months.

Kidvation Global initiated this whole saga as part of their mission of harnessing the talent of 8 – 15 years old youth with applied skills & business competencies. They teach them the ways of an entrepreneur, and help them convert their innovation into a commercial product. Me and Michael, CEO of Kidvation heard the pitches with amusement. I could never imagine such young kids designing novel games like this, let alone pitch their games in a captivating manner. Naturally, it was hard to pick a winner. But we absolutely had to, because Kidvation Global would sponsor the winning team so that they can get their game made and sell it in KidvationGlobal’s Marketplace of Ideas (e-commerce for kids) globally. With mixed feelings, we announced a winner. Subsequently we noticed the contrast in the room- the happy victors and the sad warriors who fell short by the barest of margins. Kids are the same in heart all around the world. Their happiness is contagious, and sorrow catastrophic. I couldn’t bear the faces, and hence declared that our company would sponsor one of the teams. Watching this, one of the guardians present there announced that she would sponsor the remaining team.

All on a sudden, we had made the wishes of every kid come true! Over the next few months, these kids worked with our creative team in Battery Low Interactive Ltd., led by our Managing Director and game team lead Istiaque Ahmed. Nafsin Rahman was the lead artist who became the real hero for these kids. They loved her artworks on their imaginary world and in the span of a few months, we have got an actual board game by Simon, Gage, and Abe! “Battle for the World” is available in the marketplace of ideas website here:…/battle-for-the-world…/

Thank you, my beloved superstars for sending me a copy, and the lovely letters. I’m super touched myself, and this story will inspire a lot of people pursue their dreams across the globe.

Brent Wheelbarger, one of the cofounders of Kidvation Global was my counterpart during my time in Oklahoma attending the Professional Fellowship Program (PFP). His and his partners Michael and Harold Lee Jr. are doing an amazing job in 4 countries. Thanks to Matina Hunnell, Head of Evergreen Academy for letting us be a part of this. Final thanks to Elanie Steyn for diligently organizing this program, and breeding stories like this for more than a decade and Jeff Moore for pairing me up with the best. We make powerful stories together, here’s to more of this. Global collaboration can make magic happen! Here’s to these amazing young people. True heroes! 💕

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